Katarzyna (Kasia) Budzynska (Webpage) (Contact)

Kasia is the head of CELab a Dundee Fellow, a permanent lecturer-level appointment in the group. She is appointed half time (the other half, she is Assistant Professor at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw ). She works on the philosophy of communication linking together the elements of logic, philosophy of language, rhetoric, linguistics, cognitive science, social psychology, artificial intelligence and computer science. In 2008, she co-founded, and has since then, coordinated the activities of a nationwide initiative ArgDiaP the main goal of which is to support the cooperation of representatives of the Polish School of Argumentation. Since 2008, ArgDiaP has organized a series of biannual one-day workshops, supported several research projects and publishing initiatives in the area.

Rory Duthie (Webpage) (Contact)

Rory is a PhD student working on ethos in natural language argumentation supervised by Kasia. His research focusses on the automatic extraction of ethos from political debate, using Machine Learning and Deep Learning, as well as the visualisation of political relationships and data trends. Rory is working in the Recognizing Trust in Natural Language project.

Annette Hautli-Janisz (Webpage) (Contact)

Annette has a background in theoretical and computational linguistics and is working on the linguistic aspects of argumentation and ethos in German, in particular in the context of political communication. She is based at the University of Konstanz, Germany, and joins CELab as a Konstanzia Fellow. She is also part of the ADD-up: Augmented Deliberative Democracy project, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation.

Marcin Koszowy (Webpage) (Contact)

Marcin is working on exploring ways in which ethos is established, strengthened or attacked via appeals to various forms of authority and expert opinion. This task is being accomplished by using mixed methods of critical discourse analysis, corpus linguistics and argumentation theory. Marcin's current research objective is to employ these joint methods to mining ethotic structures from such domains as disputes about cultural heritage in Spain and in Poland and legal argumentation. Marcin is working in the EthAn: Ethos Analytics project.

Martín Pereira Fariña (Webpage) (Contact)

Martín is visiting from the University of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia (Spain). His main research interest is the analysis of the role of argumentation in knowledge production and in the domain of cultural heritage. He focusses on connecting logos and ethos of different agents (experts, collectives, etc.) both from a monological and dialogical perspective. Martin is working in the Framework for Common Sense argument evaluation in Cultural Heritage project.

Brian Plüss (Webpage) (Contact)

Brian is working on applications of argument and ethos analytics to enhance everyday complex communication in real time. His research combines computational linguistics, manual and automatic analyses of argumentation and ethos, data analytics and interactive visualisations, with a special interest on applications in political communication (e.g. political interviews, election debates, public deliberations). Brian is part of the ADD-up: Augmented Deliberative Democracy project, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation.